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Email Validation Service

Host & Soft offers Email Validation service that will clean your mail list from bounced emails. Accuracy is 97% guaranteed all with money back guarantee. Now send your Next Email campaign and hit inbox. Get high open rate & click rate as never before.

We ensures you only send email to real users and helps you separate the low-quality addresses from high-value contacts. Protect your reputation, increase open rates, and save money with Host & Soft.

Because we know how to validate email addresses better than anyone else. We are
the creators of H & S eVerifier, the leading and award winning email
validation component for software developers, and have been in the email
validation business since 2006.

Our hosted email validation service allows you to perform full email hygiene
and cleansing, using these tools.
  • Advanced syntax verification, according to the Internet IETF standards.
  • International domain names (IDN) and international mailboxes check, built to handle non-ASCII email addresses with non-Latin symbols and alphabets
  • ISP-specificsyntax validation, with support for dozens of the biggest ISPs
  • DNSvalidation, including MX record(s) lookup
  • Disposablee-mail address (DEA) validation
  • SMTPconnection and availability checking
  • Mailboxexistence checking, with grey listing and temporary unavailability support
  • catch-all testing.
·         Many Of you are aware of Email Validation & List Cleaning Service. But Today I am going to discuss WHY it is important to do Email List Cleaning? If you are Email Marketer an Entrepreneur or an Agency Sending Newsletters, Promotional Emails to thousands of recipients on daily,weekly,monthly basis. Then you probably need this

You might be aware that ISP like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail are keep watching your emails and updating reputations of your Domain, Email, IP, ESP(Email Sending Server).
·         Have you heard about “KARMA”.
·         This goes same with Email marketing. If you are sending emails for months, years you are building your reputation on ISP. If your Campaigns sent to emails which do not exists, ISP will keep track and of that and send you notification that email does not exists. But If you get too many bounced email. Believe me your Emails will not ever see light of inbox. And would be blacklisted for further campaigns.
·         How many Opens did you get in email campaign.
·         How many Click rate did you received.
·         If you are sending Emails to those who did not subscribed.
·         If recipients are marking your emails as SPAM
·         If you did not included opt out button.
·         ISP is keeping record of every metric.

If your Bounce rate, Opt out rate, Marked Spam rate is high enough, You are going to get banned and your email will not see light of Inbox.

Because ISP has records of your previous sending reputations. They will blacklist you and will never let you reach Inbox.

NOW question is how to avoid getting negative Reputation???This is what this article is all about. If you have an email list and are sending emails occasional and you are not aware of Email list health.

What you have to do is simply GET your Email list clean from professional list cleaning service.

Which will eliminate all emails which does not exist, hard bounced,Spam traps,honeypot, Role Based Emails.

Sending email campaign to clean list will not receive high Bounce rates.

Second think always include Opt Out button in your email. That will tell ISP that recipients actually subscribed to your list.

Third thing do not send emails to those who do not subscribed, doing this will get hit “Marked Spam” rate and ISP will notice that you are sending Spam

And if you get higher Marked Spam Click you should be ban again.

You have to avoid sending emails to those who did not subscribed. Moreover sending Emails to clean list will build your High reputation and your Emails will hit Inbox Directly.

If you are looking for any Email List Cleaning Service I will suggest you Email Validation Service. There Application is simple , fast, secure, affordable,better UX.

More over If you need API you can also get it from Host & Soft

Here is the direct link to their Email Validation App

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