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A Course in Miracles - People Are Thoughts

Enjoy this excerpt from a transcribed talk from the awakened joyful mind of David Hoffmeister, a profound and uncompromising A Course in Miracles teacher.

One of the things I opened up with today is the nondual idea from A Course in Miracles, that people aren't really people, they're just thoughts. If you think about all the struggle and pain and misery in human relationships it's because of the belief that you're a person and that there are other people and they don't go together very well on this planet, or any planet for that matter, any reality, even in science fiction! The Klingons never get on with the Romulans and they never get along with the Borg, you know, even when we're off into Star Trek, in other realms, the beings are not getting along. Even George Lucas; Star Wars, it wasn't star harmony it was Star Wars and the 'dark side' and Darth Vader. It wouldn't make much of a story or a drama if it was - la la la la la la la (singing) la la la la la la live for today, hey! La la la la la la la live for today and don't worry about tomorrow anyway.

That makes for a beautiful song and a beautiful movie if that's what you want and, if you want drama and conflict, there's wars and all kinds of interpersonal conflicts. Jesus says in A Course in Miracles the world is very tired - this tiny mad idea has been playing out over and over, like in Groundhog Day, it just loops and loops. You just get bored with it, you get tired with it, you try to find distractions but they only work for a while and then they don't even work. You can't even distract yourself very well because after a while it's tiring.

I'm going to start off our voyage tonight with that clip from Solaris and it's called 'partial memories'. This is the scene where Red is speaking and the George Clooney character is just beginning to discover that what he thinks of as his wife, who committed suicide, who's coming back into his awareness, she's really there with him now. Somehow she killed herself and now she's back there around Solaris. But she's going to be teaching that she's not a whole person; she's just a reflection or a projection of his memories, of what he thought of her. This is one of the reasons why reincarnation will never work, because any time we're trying to find reality or any kind of sense of meaning in linearity, we're looking for meaning where it can't be found.

Linear time was invented by the ego so that you would never know meaning; it's actually what Jesus calls in A Course in Miraclesan impossible situation. So what happens when you try to order an impossible situation, even with a reincarnation perspective to try to make some meaning out of the whole thing, is; you're trying to bring meaning to the impossible. And the whole teaching of forgiveness in A Course in Miracles  is you come to see the impossible as impossible, no longer keep trying to find meaning in the impossible, which is very frustrating. 

If you enjoyed this excerpt and would like to learn more about A Course in Miracles and the teachings of David Hoffmeister, visit https://www.youtube.com/user/DavidHoffmeister

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