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A Course in Miracles and Relationships

a course in miracles
Enjoy the following excerpt taken from a transcribed talk by A Course in Miracles teacher David Hoffmeister.
You might say that relationships are designed so that specialness, as described in A Course in Miracles, will come up into awareness and then you have another opportunity to make another choice. You have an opportunity to deal with it when it comes up. But you can’t really avoid it. Um, it has been pushed out of awareness already so it has been avoided already. So if you trying to avoid what you have already avoided, you know that’s not going to help…anything. So we’re all about encouraging it actually, encouraging it to come up and with the mind training you start to notice it more. You know you can notice it. And then as you are noticing it, there usually is a sense of ‘Oh golly…I can’t believe I am still so attracted to that. You know again it’s in my face. Again I see it, oh I thought I had seen the last of that. But here it is again and again.’ Not to discourage yourself. Not to fall into depression with it but to see the pattern for what it is and really get beneath the pattern. You know you’re really wanting it to come up. So that is why it seems to get acted out.
And as you are identified with the body, then you believe you’ve done wrong or you’ve lost your way for the hundredth time or whatever.  And the Spirit is like going ‘No no no!  Don’t go that way, don’t go down that road and start concluding. Just look at the pattern, just look at the thoughts and see what they’re connected to in terms of this ego believe system’. And little by little through miracles and contrast experiences we are shown that don’t really want those egoic patterns. That is just unworthiness acting out again and again and again. After a while you do start to see it without biting the hook, you know without going for it. And there is a sense of empowerment when you can just notice it at first and watch it and watch it. And then you are less hooked into it, you are less emotionally invested in it. Then eventually those hooks and those thoughts and beliefs they just fade from awareness and they are gone. You are no longer haunted by them. They cannot even enter. Your mind gets so riveted on the truth… they cannot even enter. And you experience the inner peace described in A Course in Miracles.

To learn more about the teachings of A Course in Miracles and David Hoffmeister, please visit his website at https://www.youtube.com/user/DavidHoffmeister

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